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ReX Remote Digital Nurse by Dosentrx 

Transforming treatment with 

specialty drugs at home 

Meet the ReX Remote Digital Nurse 

Guides patients throughout treatment and UNITES ALL stakeholders on one common mission:

optimal outcomes at minimal cost

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Up to 40% of patients prematurely discontinue at-home medical treatment

By 2030, the shortage of Health Care Professionals is expected to increase to 10 million

60% of Oncology healthcare providers experience burnout symptoms

Specialty pharmacies conduct 48M+ outbound patient calls for accreditation

Our value proposition for key stakeholders


ReX eases the burden of care and improves patient experience

No cost to patients

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Pharmacies and health systems

ReX helps providers efficiently serve patients while avoiding waste and care team burnout

No cost to pharmacies and

healthcare providers

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Pharmaceutical companies 

ReX improves medication effectiveness by supporting patients and care teams

Verify your drug fulfills its full potential

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See what ReX users are saying

Without ReX I couldn’t stay on track. It’s great in helping me take care of myself.

Christina, 45

The ReX Remote Digital Nurse is

available for use.

ReX is provided at no cost to patients, clinicians,

and pharmacies with no additional copay.

For additional information contact us at: (888) 430-2152 

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