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Transforming at-home cancer care

ReX facilitates the transition from

in-clinic infusion to at-home care

Meet ReX your remote digital nurse.

ReX is a handheld platform that allows patients to take medication orally in the comfort of their home while feeling connected and cared for. Receive personalized guidance, track side effects, and get instructions for adjusting dosing as necessary. 

ReX works together with you and your care team, to keep you in sync no matter where you are. Take your daily dose at home or on-the-go and feel confident that you’re on the right track.

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ReX is an all-in-one platform that answers all of your needs: communicate with your team, take your pills, report side effects, and more.



Each ReX is programmed for its individual user so you can rest assured that you’re getting access to the right information and it’s being reported to the right healthcare professional.



ReX is meticulously designed and rigorously tested to exceed the highest standards. Your health deserves nothing less.

ReX is for:


Navigating cancer care can be overwhelming. ReX helps patients feel confident that they are on the right track.

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Take care of your loved one by making sure that they are taking their medication as needed, when needed, wherever they are.

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Healthcare professionals

With the rise in oral medication and technology, ReX helps healthcare professionals stay on top of their growing caseload with ease.

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ReX helps pharmacies boost efficiency so that they can create tailor-made solutions for each patient.

The numbers speak for themselves

Our clinical and non-clinical studies show:


of patients stick to their treatment plan with ReX




continue taking medication for the required amount of time


think ReX is easy to use

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See what ReX users are saying

Without ReX I couldn’t stay on track. It’s great in helping me take care of myself.

Christina, 45

The ReX Remote Digital Nurse is

available for use.

ReX is provided at no cost to patients, clinicians,

and pharmacies with no additional copay.

For additional information contact us at: (888) 430-2152 

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